Advantages of Lavender Essential Oil

Advantages of Lavender Essential Oil

April 17, 2018

The amazing benefits of lavender essential oil comprises of its capability to remove the nervous tension, release pain, promote better blood circulation and the right treatment of respiratory issues. Lavender oil mixes well with the other essential oils like nutmeg, cedarwood, geranium and pine.

Some of the benefits of lavender essential oil are mentioned below:

  • Fights acne- as per the dermatologists and aroma therapists, lavender essential oil is the best treatment for acne. It inhibits the bacteria which causes primary infection and reduces scars and quickens the healing procedure.
  • Hair care- Lavender essential oil is effective for the treatment of hair loss, it is recommended as a preventive measure for baldness treatment in men.
  • It detoxifies the skin- Daily when your skin gets exposed to toxins and other pollutants, the health of the skin deteriorates. Lavender oil has powerful antioxidants which can fight against skin damaging pollutants and inhibit the growth of skin bacteria.
  • Works perfectly as a toner- You can use it as a perfect toner to make your skin firm. It promotes blood circulation and helps the cell healthy and enhances the renewal procedure.
  • Lavender essential oil works as a perfect conditioner- The oil makes your hair shiny, fragrant and helps to fight nit lice and dandruff.

The Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Lavender and Peppermint essential oil: Joshua Good Mood Mix is the perfect product with the right blend of essential oils. Use this beauty product and get the best results. You can easily get this online at Beloved Body Care.

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