BelovedBodyCare aims to provide its customers with a comfortable, easy and therapeutic experience using our aromatherapy moisturizers. The experience involves softening and moisturizing of your skin and hair along with clear enhancement of your skin tone.

The following questions are so as to help eradicate any queries one might have regarding our moisturizers.

  • What ingredients are used in BelovedBodyCare moisturizers?
    BelovedBodyCare uses all such natural and organic ingredients in our moisturizers that have been used and known for centuries to benefit skin and hair. You are familiar with most of the ingredients used like coconut and olive oil, cucumbers, Aloe Vera, lavender and rosemary oils(for aromatherapy), shea butter, honey, avocadoes etc. they have simply been utilized and enhanced by BelovedBodyCare due to their beneficial properties and made accessible to our customers.
  • Which areas does BelovedBodyCare ship to?
    BelovedBodyCare has a vast reach throughout the country, We ship to the 48 contiguous United States, however, our aim is to accommodate as many people as we can, if you are interested in our products and do not belong in the states we ship to, simply drop an email at ([email protected]) about your location and we will try our best to deliver.
  • Is it okay to use the moisturizers in my hair?
    Yes, the oils used in our moisturizers are most commonly found in conditioners too. Coconut oil, olive oil and honey etc. have known to be beneficial for both hair and skin.
  • Where else can I use the moisturizers, apart from my hair and arms?
    Our moisturizes include organic ingredients which makes them, not only worthwhile but also extremely safe to use, you can apply these on whatever areas of your skin you feel to be dry and rough like on your knees and elbows, they can also be applied on your hands and feet.
  • Why are essential oils useful?
    Most people are conscious of their oily skin and refrain from buying oil containing products but when it comes to skin care the most important thing to understand is that there are certain oils that are beneficial for all skin types. These oils help in moisturizing, refreshing and disinfecting your skin. Uses of some essential oils are given below.
  • What makes Peppermint essential oils beneficial?
    Peppermint oil is an essential component used in aromatherapy. For hair, peppermint oil helps to energize your scalp and due to its antiseptic properties aids in removing dandruff and lice. For your skin, this oil leaves behind a cooling effect that can act as a muscle relaxant, providing a calming sensation and helping to relieve back aches and sore muscles. Peppermint oil has an aroma that has been known to provide a soothing experience and inhaling its scent can clear your sinuses.
  • What are the advantages of Lavender essential oils?
    Lavender essential oils are used in aromatherapy because not only is their scent highly appealing it has also been found to have therapeutic effects on a person, Lavender oil acts as an antiseptic for your hair and skin, its smell has been known to relieve tension and stress and improves some major bodily functions. Along with its therapeutic effects, lavender oil used in moisturizers, helps in slowing the process of aging with its strong antioxidants, greatly reduces acne and helps in refreshing your skin.
  • Rosemary essential oils, why are they preferable?
    Rosemary essential oils are often a common product in most moisturizers because they have been discovered to drastically increase hair growth, prevents hair loss and make your hair stronger and silkier. Rosemary oil has often been used in the past to prevent baldness, a dry scalp and dandruff. When applied to the skin, rosemary oil helps in moisturizing the skin and preventing any damage from the sun or microbes by acting as a disinfectant.
  • Why are Eucalyptus essential oils used in body care products?
    Eucalyptus oil is used to give your hair volume, making them bouncy and shiny. This oil is used in replacement for chemicals to remove lice and prevent an itchy or dry scalp. Eucalyptus oil also is an antiseptic and has a soothing smell.
  • Why should I choose Shea Butter and Coconut Oil products?
    Shea butter works like a magic on your skin. It can get rid of any itching, sun burns or wrinkles etc. It provides a tightness to your skin and helps gets rid of all those skin conditions that prevent hair loss and allow hair to grow faster and healthier. It also has Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that aid it in removing acne and dryness from skin. Coconut oil not only has an appealing smell, it is excellent for your hair and skin because of its ability to penetrate deeper In the skin than most other oils. This property enables it to be an awesome moisturizer and deep cleanser for your skin, aiding in removing dark circles and dryness.

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